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Welcome to New release "Windwards"

I have released an instrumental album, Windwards that was mostly written during 2013 and after an initial delay related to hand surgery recorded in the fall of 2014. See availability on the right hand side.

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Born in Gothenburg, Sweden I developed an early interest in guitar, pursuing it seriously in the summer of 1989. Early struggles led to a switch to the classical guitar which I majored in for both my undergrad and masters.

Also a keen video game enthusiast I taught myself level design and got a job as a designer at DICE in the spring of 2007. Around this time I rediscovered my love for the electric guitar and this is the result of that rekindled interest.


In late 2012/early 2013 I started slowly but surely putting together demos.
I wanted early on to try and get everything onto one album rather than doing small releases of individual songs. The challenge was twofold in finding enough time to write and demo it and keeping things in a coherent style.

Instrumental music has always been the musical background to my life and as such I thought it'd be fun to see what I could do in that realm. And even though this type of music can probably be considered fairly abstract it has its roots in being inspired from something narratively driven or an experience I might have had.

Most of the songs were written when I was reading the excellent novels by Iain M. Banks which is why I decided to dedicate the album to this fantastic authors memory.